Why orders don’t open in Order box?

Before you put Trading box Order Management on chart you need to enable AutoTrading in MT4&MT5. This will create happy face in the right upper corner of the chart. If there is no happy face, then close the chart and drag Trading box EA once again on chart. Now happy face should be OK.

In Metatrader EA settings you need to check only first checkbox "Allow algorithmic trading".

To open orders inside order box you need to have three green buttons:
Green S.F. button (spread filter) means, that spread is below your maximum spread setting.
Green Time button (time interval) means, that price is not inside restricted time interval, where orders cannot open.
Green BUY button signals, that order box is activated. You can slick on BUY button to activate or deactivate order box.

How to open order in metatrader 4 5?
Why orders are not opened in mt4 mt5? How to open order in metatrader 4 5. Solution is trading box order management trading tool.

DOWNLOAD MT4: Order management MT4
DOWNLOAD MT5: Order management MT5