Technical analysis DashboardExtended rectangles and trendlines pip sorted list

Extension for Technical analysis tool

Display sorted rectangles and trendlines from Technical analysis tool


Sorted by pip distance

If you are trading on multiple charts, then this functionality will save your time and you will no longer need to switch between charts all the time

Pay attention to the closest zones

With this tool you will know which chart (SnD zone) to look for next trading opportunity

3 different objects types

Show rectangles
Show trendlines
Show Angled trendlines (Ray)

How to read Dashboard data

  • Show button = will open symbol chart
  • TF (timeframe) = show timeframe of symbol chart
  • Symbol = chart symbol
  • Pip distance = show pip difference between object price and Bid price
  • Position = object can be above or below Bid price. Rectangle also have Inside option
  • Name = name of rectangle or trendline
  • Buttons = show which action buttons are activated for rectangle or trendline

It is important that you don’t spend too much time behind the charts because then you lose focus. This dashboard gives you an edge in forex trading because in few seconds you can decide which pair and timeframe is worth to watch more closely. This is how you will not be distracted by all other forex pairs that you trade, and you will not miss great opportunities to trade the best price. Most of the time traders watch only this dashboard and they decide which symbol they need to watch more closely for opening new trades. Technical analysis Dashboard is support resistance supply and demand monitor for market overview.

technical analysis dashboard

Symbol Filter = Enter symbol to filter charts in list

DOWNLOAD MT4: Technical analysis Dashboard for MetaTrader 4
DOWNLOAD MT5: Technical analysis Dashboard for MetaTrader 5

Download Dashboard
This tool will include next function: Rectangle extender, order dashboard, order panel, trading panel, trade assistant, trade manager, supply demand, fx power, price action, entry points pro, trade scanner, scalping dashboard.