Price action indicator

True price action can be automated

I use TBOM (Trading box Order management) to automate price action trading strategy with so called price action indicator function. When I find great supply and demand level then I use indicator for price action to create Set and forget trading strategy. Automated price action EA tool give me freedom in trading to stay away from charts and let the Metatrader 4/5 do its work instead of me. In picture below I show How to trade real price action approach with this indicator.
In picture below I show how liquidity trading strategy can be automated and then if this price move is created, trade is executed by metatrader software. I use VPS to run this trading tool on 4 different metatrader terminals 24/7.

price action automation

Best price action indicator for MT4 and MT5

A lot of time there is a supply and demand zone that can be traded but trader have to be present to follow price action development. With best indicator for price action this is automated and easy to set with one function. There are a lot of trading order types inside TBOM to choose from. On picture below is pic from video at the bottom pf this post. It shows how price action patterns indicator can automatically detect and trade Quasimodo pattern trading (QM trading strategy).
On picture below I show how I automate trading for buy double bottom pattern capture or also vice versa for sell second top pattern. This allows me to enter a trade if supply demand zone holds and there is a good sign that fresh orders are in this level. Trade is executed when there is some reaction from this level and then price do a correction back to zone. This is how price pick up last orders from this zone and it is a place where EA open orders after price action is created.


How I automate entry in Metatrader

In this video below I explain how I use EA for automatic price action trading inside mt4 or mt5. It is called also best tool for PA trading approach and I use for True price action trading strategy in fresh supply and demand level. If I want to use price action patterns indicator then I use H&S or Quasimodo trading indicator pattern. In my forex trading strategy I use best indicator for price action (TBOM) to help me with opening order and better price entry. I this video I am focusing explaining about different Price actions indicators for mt5 and mt4. This tool for true price action is doing great job for me and I am here sharing knowledge with other professional traders community. Liquidity trading strategy price action is in my trading used with Trading box Order management EA.

Here you can download price action trading tools