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Trade Manager EA mt5 mt4

Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations (trade manager ea mt5)

Safe Trading in Volatile Market Conditions

Protect orders before big news spikes and Monday opening gaps (spread & time filter). Stop loss hunt protection. Place or remove orders when market is closed

Set and Forget Trading

Mobile push notifications, email notifications, MetaTrader terminal popup alerts with this set and forget trading. This is the best position size calculator mt5

Advanced Price Action Trading

Advanced trading smart order types available for set and forget trading approach. Best tool for advanced price action trading in Metatrader 4/5

Order box VS MetaTrader orders
Advanced Order functions Limit order Order box
Execution at Bid price NO YES
Hidden stop loss NO YES
Hidden trade entry NO YES
Trade open Spread filter NO YES
Trade open Time filter NO YES
Activate/deactivate orders NO YES
Target Risk Reward calculator NO YES
Lot size calculator by risk percentage NO YES
Total risk of splited orders NO YES
Total profit of splited orders NO YES
Breakeven level (Surender) NO YES
Activate/Deactivate orders at certain price NO YES
News spike order protection NO YES
Opening gap order protection NO YES
Ask price SL hount protection NO YES
Advanced price action order types NO YES
Placing orders when market is closed NO YES

How to create Order box

Click on button SBox or BBox to create Order box. You can also select rectangle and then click SBox or BBox to create Order box. Virtual Stop Loss is defined by edge of order box.
Enjoy using forex lot size calculator mt5. Risk calculator mt5 is included into this tool.

- NEW "@" button that move chart to the Order box left edge of rectangle

how to find order block
trading order block

Default Order box parameters are taken from EA input properties. Please enable AutoTrading before placing TBOM on chart.

how to enable automatic trading

How to activate Order box

Click on button SELL or BUY to activate Order box (Green/Red). When the price touch order box the positions is opened. If Bid price go trough Order box, positions are closed. You will also receive popup alert, email and push notification

MT5 Price action indicator automation functions:
- Liquidity trading (Order execution when LQ is detected)
- Buy 2nd bottom and Sell 2nd top function
- Breakout tool function
- Reversal breakout function
- Enable or disable Order box with lines (sell ON/OFF, buy ON/OFF)
- Delete line (Protect fresh level/orders)

Trade Info (Lot, Risk, Gain, SL, TP)

Order box risk %, gain %, profit $ and loss $ calculation is shown on top of the order box. Total loss and total profit calculation of all orders include commissions and spread. Calculations are done in deposit currency. Money management in trading shouldn’t be problem anymore.


Position lot size calculation methods

- Balance risk percentage
- Equity risk percentage
- Free margin risk percentage
- Fixed lot size
- Fixed cash amount
- Custom balance amount

  • Use NEW methods with lot size calculation if default one is not calculating lot size properly.

User can limit maximum lot size per trade with input: Maximum total orders lot size limiter (0 = OFF)


Target (Profit, MT5 Risk reward ratio, pip distance)

Target calculations - For each target it calculate risk reward, profit in deposit currency and pip distance.
You can change default Risk Reward values for all 4 targets in EA input variables.
Variable Target RiskReward dynamic reset will reset trade target RR when Order box is moved or resized. It will also reset target RR when Snap bid or Pullback entry order is enabled (targets reset to initial Risk Reward value).

If Target RiskReward dynamic reset set to TRUE then it will refresh the target's RR before orders are executed. This can result is faster target hit with Pullback entry order.


Order box ID (magic number)

ID is increased by one for every new order box created. ID value is set for position magic number and position/order comment.


If you open rectangle object properties, you can see where mt4 mt5 order magic number is set. If you replace this position magic number mt4 mt5 with your random number, please be careful to keep same structure of parameters that are separated with _

order magic number mt4 mt5

Open position trade magic number

When trade is opened with TBOM EA, then magic number is added from Order box ID to opened position magic number column. This way you can see what is magic number of opened position and change ID of Order box in rectangle properties description (replace ID).

In case you accidentally delete existing Order box with ID829, you can create new Order box and change its ID from 830 back to 829. This way you can manage previous trade opened with ID829 (magic number 829).


Position trade Margin indicator

MT4 MT5 Margin indicator is important part when opening position. There few mt5 margin calculator functions that check for margin requirements of your trade.
Account Free Margin requirement check for margin stop out level. % of Margin used is displayed before Margin=$


Order box Timeframe visibility

If you change timeframe visibility of Order box, then all related graphical objects get same timeframe visibility as order box. This way you can hide Order box when analyzing chart on different multiple timeframes.


Change number of orders

Click on button +1 or -1 to change number of orders in order box. Maximum allowed number of orders in order box are 4. When you change number of orders then lot size is automatically recalculated for defined box risk. With position size calculator mt5 it is easier to do your job.

Default number of orders is defined by EA input variable Default number of orders

lot size toolImage

MT4 MT5 Trade manager EA tool - Change risk percentage

Click on button +0.1% or -0.1% to change risk percentage for order box. When you change risk percentage then lot size is automatically recalculated to new defined risk.

You can also change default risk percentage value for trading order box and you can also change risk percentage interval value which is shown on button itself. This values can be changed in EA input properties as shown on picture below.


Metatrader Pending order (Limit, Stop, Delete)

Click on Order func. button to display order functions.
- Limit button place Buy Limit or Sell Limit pending order
- Stop button place Buy Stop or Sell Stop pending order
- Delete button delete all pending orders created by this Order box

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MetaTrader 5 Stop limit (Pending order)

In MetaTrader 5 the Limit button can place stop limit pending order if ON function line is used.
- Sell Stop Limit: if you use SELL Order box sell ON line (ON button)
- Buy Stop Limit: if you use BUY Order box buy ON line (ON button)

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MT5 Buy Stop Limit – this type combines the two first types being a stop order for placing Buy Limit. As soon as the future Ask price reaches the stop-level indicated in the order (the Price field), a Buy Limit order is placed at the level, specified in Stop Limit price field. A stop level is set above the current Ask price, while Stop Limit price is set below the stop level.
MT5 Sell Stop Limit – this type is a stop order for placing Sell Limit. As soon as the future Bid price reaches the stop level specified in the order (Price field), a Sell Limit order is placed at the level specified in Stop Limit Price field. A stop level is set below the current Bid price, while Stop Limit price is set above the stop level.

Partial Close position 25%, 50%, FULL

- Close FULL button close all open positions from this Order box
- Close HALF button close 50% of open position lot size volume from this Order box
- Close 25% button close 25% of open position lot size volume from this Order box. Percentage for this button can be customized in Trading box Order management EA input variables parameters.

-> Line button can be used to set partial take profit level with horizontal line

This is the easiest way to take partial profit in trading. Close partial position mt5 or partially close position.

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Stop loss to breakeven (SL->BE)

- SL->BE button will instantly move stop loss to breakeven for all positions in profit.

-> Line button can be used to set horizontal breakeven line that will move SL to BE.

How to set Stop loss to breakeven in MT5? Click on SL->BE or -> Line button to set stoploss to breakeven in Metatrader 5.
You can set pip distance for breakeven with input variable Stoploss to breakeven pip (SL->BE button)


Snap Bid - Scalping tool (Market Order execution)

After you enable Snap Bid and then click on BUY or SELL button, the positions are opened.
Snap to bid function is designed for scalping tool and live trading tool. It move order box entry price within Bid price but stop loss level stay at same place. Moving of Bid price cause lot size to recalculate for the same risk percentage but different Order box size in pip.

If variable Target RiskReward dynamic reset is set to TRUE, than open trade target risk reward ratio will be dynamically reset/refresh when Order box position is changed.

Button Fixed box will move entire Order box and keep the order box size until order execution.


Button Bear/Bull candle open position when candle is closed on current timeframe.

Input variable Snap Bid candle open - Target minimum RR ratio prevents opening position for button Bear/Bull candle if trade Risk Reward ratio is lower than input settings.

Engulfing candle Trading filter

Input variable Snap Bid engulfing Bear/Bull candle filter opens trade only if engulfing candle pattern is detected. Button Bear/Bull candle have to be enabled to open position when engulfing candle pattern is detected.

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Scalping tools example

Snap bid function with enabled Fixed box and Bear/Bull candle have safety Bull candle OFF line that will disable this function for automatic trading.

Cancel SELL/BUY Pa func. line disable Bear/Bull candle button.


Snap Limit - pending Snap Bid mode

Snap Limit order is used as a pending Snap Bid function. When price touch rectangle with enabled Snap Bid order then Snap Bid mode is activated. When Snap Limit is enabled then Bull/Bear candle button is also enabled (linked buttons). Fixed box can be also used with this function.


TG - Reset target RR ratio

When you resize Order box then target risk reward ratio is changed. You can refresh target RR ratio with click on button TG.

trading target

Trade manager ea mt5 default values for target risk reward ratio can be changed in Trading box Order management EA input variables.


Spread indicator mt5 (Spread filter)

Spread indicator mt5: Click on button S.F. to display Spread filter settings. It can be enabled (true) or disabled (false) with EA input property Spread filter ON/OFF. If current spread is below spread filter setting, then S.F. button is green and position can be opened, otherwise button is red.
Spread filter prevent order execution before big news spikes or low liquidity market when spread is widen.
Lack of Liquidity: There are fewer traders involved with after-hours trading, so there’s typically a lot less liquidity than during regular trading sessions.
Larger Quote Spreads: Less trading activity often translates to wider bid-ask spreads, which could make order execution difficult.

Spread indicator mt4 mt5 is the best solution to prevent trading with news spikes and abnormal forex market conditions.


Time filter for order execution

Click on button Time to display time interval settings which disable trade execution if you enable Overnight or News ON/OFF button. When candles are inside this time zone filter then Time button become red and Order box will not open positions. Trading will be disabled inside Overnight and News vertical rectangles (see arrows on picture below). If Time button is green then trade execution is allowed.
News time filter is useful when you want to take a break for lunch or there are big news coming up and you want to disable order execution.
Overnight time filter is useful when you go to sleep and you don't want any new trade to be executed. Trade execution during your sleep is disabled.

Tip: Click on overnight or news label at the bottom of the chart to hide vertical rectangle of Time filter.


Red News Filter: Disable Trading on High-importance News Release

MT5 news trading strategy: MetaTrader 5 News filter will prevent opening positions from Order box during red news (high-importance news release). It does not filter pending orders, only market orders from Order box rectangle. User can disable trading for Indicator news, Events or Holidays. If all 3 news filters are enabled then the closest news release time is used to disable trading. User can visually see disabled trading time interval presented by red rectangle on chart. It signals in which time zone trading is disabled. For Indicator news and events user can enter minutes to disable trading before and after high-importance news is released. News filter ON/OFF is global switch across all charts.

Input variables for forex news trading strategy that can be set for each chart:

  • High-importance news currencies
  • Holliday currencies filter
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On image below you can see which smart trading order types are blocked for opening position with MT5 news filter. Advanced trading order types are blocked for order execution during high impact news events if news filter enabled - ON.


Supply and Demand candle indicator

Candle indicator find supply or demand candles with origin (candle open price) inside Order box. You have option to detect M1, M5 and M15 candles. After candle is detected you get MetaTrader popup alert, e-mail and mobile push notification with candle body pip size information. This can be useful to take a profit or to trade correction at the candle origin zone where can be still some fresh orders left. In EA input properties you can define the minimum pip value for candle detection. Current TF candle option detect any candle on the chart on the current time frame. Detected candle is marked with vertical dotted line.


Head and Shoulders pattern detection (Quasimodo trading)

Order management tool can search for uncompleted Head and Shoulders (Quasimodo trading) pattern inside Order box on different timeframes. You can decide on which timeframe you would like to detect this pattern. You receive alerts and red rectangle zone is drawn when uncompleted Head and Shoulders pattern is detected. It is up to trader to check if this red rectangle (supply demand zone) have any fresh orders left. This detection is only some kind of reminder of event that can still have fresh orders in the zone. Head and Shoulders (Quasimodo) pattern detection is only trader help tool. You need to read the market intention and predict future price movement by yourself.

head and shoulders or quasimodo pattern scheme

You also have option to configure uncompleted Head and Shoulders detection EA input properties by your needs. Input parameters starts with HS_ and they are marked with red rectangle. You can also see EA input properties explanation on drawing. These are my personal trading settings for trading Major forex pairs.


H&S trading automation [QML trading]

If you click on Execute button, it adjust order box to uncompleted head and shoulder zone (Quasimodo zone QML). This is what we call auto quasimodo trading strategy MT5.
After click on Execute button, the message appear: "I agree that H&S Execute will change Order box pip size and lot size (depending on selected Lot size calculation method). Set H&S input variables correctly and study manuals before you use Execute."
Please try this function on DEMO trading account first to make sure that you understand how it works.

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On picture below, we have example of Quasimodo trading strategy. When Over and under pattern or Quasimodo or uncompleted Head and shoulders is detected, the green rectangle is created to show us QM zone. If we have Execute enabled, then order box will be activated for price execution and adopted with all input parameters. They will change entry level price, stop loss price and implement all tolerances from input settings. Below is result of price action with my personal trading settings for Quasimodo trading strategy.


Price Alert (pip size distance indicator)

When you click on button Alert the silver Alert line is drawn on chart. When price touches this horizontal alert line then you receive alert (push notification, email) with price pip distance from Order box.


Resell and Rebuy for touch trading best price in the zone

When you click on button Rebuy or Resell the dotted black line is drawn inside Order box. By default, it takes order lot size from Order box calculation. You can change Resell or Rebuy order lot size by selecting trendline and change value (see picture below). When price touch this line, Order box is activated and orders are opened.

Resell and Rebuy is also considered in all calculations. You can see how it adds another Risk Reward indicator tool line below the target.

WARNING: When Rebuy/Resell is triggered, then other advanced order types are disabled.


Surrender trade (Breakeven tool)

For every trade you need backup plan if this trade doesn’t work out like you imagined. After level is broken by few pip then we usually have a little price correction before price continue with direction. We can increase win rate if we use Surrender functionality. We can change pip value to set trade to breakeven if Surrender line is broken.
For example (picture below), orders are opened when price touch Order box (1). Price continue to go lower, and it break Surrender line (2). Take profit from all orders is moved 3 pip above entry (3). Instead of losing trade we have a winning trade if a little price correction will happen. Surrender line is Plan B if trade is not preforming like we wanted.

Price action functions protection
When price touches the Surrender line then Reversal BO, Sell 2nd top/Buy 2nd bottom, H&S Execute and ON line functions are removed. This protect price action trading and increase win percentage. Getting out of a loosing trade with breakeven trade or little profit.
Surrender pip can be negative value within tolerance of Order box entry and Surender line price difference multiplied by 0.8

Move SL stop loss (Lock in profit EA mt5)

Automatic Lock in profit & Move stoploss to breakeven. Lock in profit with Move SL function.
A utility for automatically setting breakeven levels, transfers trades to breakeven when passing a given distance. Allows you to minimize risks.
Move SL button enable you to set trade to breakeven or to lock some profit when price reach the "Move SL" line.

After order is executed, Order Box would check to see if Enable Move SL after order execution is TRUE. If TRUE, then MOVE SL is enabled after order execution (Enabled after to not clutter up chart while trader is placing trade).

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SL to RP = Stoploss to Reversal Point (Turning point)

Stoploss to Reversal Point trading (Turning point on the chart).

- input variable Stoploss to Reversal Point RiskReward
- button SL to RP will move Stoploss to Reversal Point (Turning point) after SL to RP line is touched

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ATR SL - ATR stop loss strategy mt5

Button ATR SL that add ATR indicator value to stop loss when position is opened. With this function Order box risk adopts to market volatility and therefore Order box is resized for ATR indicator value when position is opened. ATR SL - ATR stop loss strategy reduce lot size, target RR, Gain %, total profit but can improve win rate.

Input variables:

  • ATR SL averaging period - default is ATR(14) indicator
  • ATR SL multiplier - default is 1.0
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Order box activation (Price action automation)

ON and OFF lines

MT4 MT5 Set and forget trading: This function help you automatically catch true price action. Trading pullback with price action trading confirmation.
When you click on button ON then in sell ON or buy ON line is created. When price touch this line, the Order box is activated for order execution.
Warning: When ON line is touched then next functions are disabled: Reversal BO, Sell 2nd top/Buy 2nd bottom, Delete/Fresh

When you click on button OFF then sell OFF or buy OFF line is created. When price touch this line, the Order box is de-activated.
Automate your price action with Order box functions for pullback trading strategy. Trading pullback strategy is also known as trading price correction when trend reversal is confirmed by technical chart analysis (BOS - break of structure).

Advanced forex strategyImage

Reversal Breakout (Reversal BO)

Reversal BO (Breakout) button enable you to catch a reversal trade in the Order box zone. When Reversal BO line is hit the Order box will change to Breakout mode. Scale into a trade in with 3 Reversal BO levels (Scale in trading strategy, scale into trades, scale into trades, how to scale into a forex trade, how to scale into a trade, forex scale in strategy, forex scaling in, forex scaling in strategy, day trading scaling in).
You can select and move Breakout ON lines inside the Order box to custom level.

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Sell 2nd top / Buy 2nd bottom

Fakeout trading automation (SELL second top & BUY second bottom)

Sell 2nd top button give you price action trading strategy lines to capture double top creation. Orders are opened when second top is created (price second time back to Order box supply zone)
Buy 2nd bottom button that give you price action lines to capture double top creation. Orders are opened when second bottom is created (price second time back to Order box demand zone)
Fakeout button that appear when "Sell 2nd top" or "Buy 2nd bottom" is activated. This Fakeout function open order above first top or below first bottom. If this price action is happened then Order box is shrink height pip size. Thinner Order box means bigger lot size and larger profits with set and forget trading

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fakeout trading tool

Automated Liquidity LQ trading strategy

It is great to have fake supply demand before fresh supply and demand level. This kind of setup give us liquidity when opening orders. Liquidity in market is created by other traders stop losses or false breakouts (fake breakout). This trapped traders will loose money in market but other smart big players will be able to execute big opposite orders. This is how I understand the markets...
We developed liquidity trading strategy functions, to search for forex liquidity instead of trader himself (Liquidity button). You need to predict where market liquidity will be created and move silver rectangle to this price level zone. You also need to define how much big retrace from silver rectangle you want. This is defined with silver LQ retrace line. When price goes from silver rectangle to LQ retrace line, then market liquidity is detected.

We have 3 different trading automation Liquidity strategies that will create new order type when Liquidity will be detected. This is some kind of OTO order routing (One Triggers Other Order):
1. Buy ON / Sell ON button will activate order box when Liquidity is detected
2. Pullback entry button will create Pullback entry order when Liquidity is detected
3. Reversal BO (reversal breakout) button will create Reversal BO order when Liquidity is detected

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Delete line (Protect fresh orders)

Now let’s see how we can combine two functions (ON & OFF lines and Delete/Fresh). To ensure that the price first need to break sell ON line and then go back to open orders in order box, we introduce Delete line. If price touches Delete box line, then order box is removed from chart, because we don’t have price action to enter in this level. If price go down and touch sell ON line first (activated Order box), then Delete box line is removed from chart. When the price come to Order box, the orders are opened.

Example 1: Delete line protects fresh orders in Order box

When price touch Delete line at (1), then BUY Order box is deleted, because fresh orders in Order box are now consumed. Price didn't do to buy ON line in this case. Our price action strategy worked well, trade was not executed because we have standards for entering into trade.

price action trading strategy

Example 2: Price action strategy trading worked well

When price touch buy ON line at (1), then Order box is activated and Delete line is removed. If price come back to activated order box, then buy position is opened at (2). In this case we have perfect price action strategy worked well that suits our trade entry standards.

price action trading 1

Remove delete line - CHoCH / BOS

Pullback trading strategy automation

Pullback in trading price action can be automated with Order management tool. In example below, I use combination of 3 different functions that give me opportunity to automate pullback trading strategy. Positions opens only under my conditions (I never use limit orders, they are not smart orders).
For pullback trading setup below I used:
1. Delete box line prevent order execution if demand is not broken before price pullback to supply
2. Remove delete line remove Delete box line and release safety for order execution. trading CHoCH is change of character. Also work as BOS trading (break of structure)
3. Reversal BO (reversal breakout) function open position only if price touch blue dotted Breakout line and then price goes below green line (below Sell order box)


Result of Retracement trading strategy automation

Here we have result of retracement trading strategy that was automated with setup on picture above. As we see I was very greedy when setting up my final target. This is why price didn't go directly to my target and play around. Then price finally touch my final target and retracement forex trading strategy automation was successful.


Pullback entry order (Limit pullback order)

Pullback trading strategy is the best way for pullback entry strategies. The same function can be called pullback limit order. It give opportunity to enter market at better price with lower risk per trade. Pullback entry indicator mt4 mt5 can catch price spike extremes highs and lows at the peak. This order type is advanced algorithm order with trailing entry price. When price creates reversal then breakout pullback entry is triggered.

- NEW button "Pullback entry" will create advanced order type that allows you to enter the market at the perfect time, opening a position only when the market turns in your direction. The PullBack orders an entry point that is no longer fixed but dynamic, depending on the volatility of the market. This order type is also known as dynamic trailing entry order

  • input Pullback entry threshold [1-90% of Order box]
  • input Pullback entry risk method with two options:
    1. Risk reduction (Risk % can be reduced) - DEFAULT
    2. Fixed risk % (Lot size can be increased)

Input Target RiskReward dynamic reset works with Pullback entry. If set to TRUE then it will refresh the target's RR before orders are executed


Pullback entry MOVING BOX

Option "MOVING box" for "Pullback entry" order type. It moves entry price and stop loss until orders are opened.

Cancel price action (PA) functions

button "Cancel PA func." that will delete price action functions if price touch this line.

Cancel PA func. line will delete:
- Liquidity trade automation
- Pullback entry
- Buy 2nd bottom or Sell 2nd top
- Reversal BO
- Rebuy or Resell
- H&S trade execution
- Snap Bid and Snap Limit

See the new function added to Trading box Order management that allow automation price action within a trading scale:

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Breakout trade strategy (breakout EA tool)

When we click on Breakout button then green line is created. If price go out of Order box through this green line at (1), then sell position is opened. Breakout button can be used only if price is inside Order box. If price is outside Order box, then use button Reversal BO.

breakout trading forex

D - Open Dashboard link

If you click D button (right upper corner) then chart with Trading box Dashboard show up. There you have overview of all Order boxes from your charts. Dashboard is FREE tool so we recommend that you use it to save time and have better overview of your Order boxes.

Button position - Hand symbol

With hand symbol you can move Order box buttons all over the chart and manually fix button position. Just select Hand symbol and move it to custom place on chart.


Button X,Y position

If input variable Fixed X,Y position for Order box buttons is set to TRUE, then Order box buttons will be displayed at fixed chart X,Y position.


Above & Below buttons (price alert line mt5)

Above or Below button create alert line. You can change the name of horizontal line. When price touch above or below line, you will receive alert and mobile push notification. You can select above or below horizontal line and move it to price where you want to be notified with name of line.


When price touch this line it will be changed into dashed line and you see name of broken above or below line in Trading box Dashboard list.
Broken Above and Below horizontal alert lines from Order management tools are displayed in Trading box Dashboard column Action/Signal.


Enter task for Dashboard

Task label is automatically generated for every chart with TBOM. Text description from label with Object name tasks is transferred into Order Dashboard EA, column Task.


Show/hide graphical objects

You can click on horizontal line or trendline to show/hide them.
You can also click on Order box calculation info to display only number of orders and lot size.

forex trading tools

Spread & Commission calculation tool

Spread and commission are included into position lot size calculator mt5 when we have percentage risk calculation method selected. You can change commission value per one lot in EA input properties, look for parameter Broker commission per one lot.

Sell stop loss hunt protection and Bid execution

What is Stop loss hunting? (stoploss trader) in trading with market spread and ask price problem solved with Order management tool.

With standard MetaTrader pending orders we have 2 problems:
1. Buy limit orders open with invisible Ask price
2. Sell orders stop loss is triggered with invisible Ask price (spread SL hunt)

Trading box Order management have solution: Order execution at bid price (also for SL level)

You can set market stoploss with 2 EA input variables:
- Sell SL hunt protection in pip
- Place hard stoploss (true/false)

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Virtual Stop Loss

Virtual stop loss is defined by Order box rectangle. For buybox it is lower edge of rectangle, for sellbox is upper edge of rectangle. When Bid price break Order box, then virtual stop loss is triggered and positions are closed.


Push notification, email & popup alert

Trader can click on element text to show or hide element on char. This is useful when we want to have clean chart to make a right trading decision and do some technical analysis.
There is also parameter Bring Alerted chart on top, if you find this function disturbing please set it to false.

metatrader alert settings

Action history and Clean

When function/action is triggered then EA create history tag on candle at current time and price. This way trader can see what happened on chart when he was not present. Clean button remove all history tags and trading history (trade entry and exit) from the chart. It also removes broken Order box rectangle.

Tade manager EA mt5 inputs:

MetaTrader 4: mt4 risk calculator tool
MetaTrader 5: risk calculator tool mt5

DOWNLOAD MT4: Order management MT4
DOWNLOAD MT5: Order management MT5

Position size calculator mt5: order size calculator with order line. Mt5 position manager is also know as trade manager mt5. Trade assistant mt5 download for metatrader risk percentage. Risk and profit calculation with the best trading tool called order block indicator. Hidden stop loss is used for hidden entry tool. Metatrader virtual order is simple order manager mt5 with order assistant mt5 supply demand tool. Money management EA: quasimodo trading automation (Head and Shoulders pattern detection). Liquidity trading detection is automated trading EA tool for easy trade manager MT5. Risk calculator mt5 free download from this website.