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Money Management

Tool will calculate right order size depends on your risk percentage per trade. It will calculate risk reward for every target and position size calculator mt4.

Safe Trading

Your market orders will be protected before big news spikes and Monday opening gaps. Your stoploss for sell positions will not be hit with Ask price.

Mobile Notifications

All events (functionalities) in Trading box order management tool are supported with MT4 alerts and mobile push notifications.

Market Execution at Bid Price

Order box represents entry and exit for market order execution. Get the best possible prices with use of spread filter and execution at Bid price.

Advanced Order functions (features) Limit order Order box
Execution at Bid price NO YES
Hidden stoploss NO YES
Hidden entry NO YES
Order open Spread filter NO YES
Order open Time filter NO YES
Activate/deactivate orders NO YES
Target Risk Reward calculation NO YES
Lot size calculation by risk percentage NO YES
Total risk of grouped orders NO YES
Total profit of grouped orders NO YES
Breakeven level (Surender) NO YES
Activate/Deactivate orders at certain price NO YES
News spike order protection NO YES
Opening gap order protection NO YES
Ask price SL hount protection NO YES
Price action programing with lines NO YES
Placing orders when market is closed NO YES

How to create trading order box?

Select rectangle in Supply or Demand zone and click on button SBox to create order box for sell, click on button BBox to create order box for buy. Default order box parameters are taken from EA input properties (marked with red rectangle on picture below). Before you place EA on chart, please enable AutoTrading in MT4.

How to activate order box

To activate trading order box, you need to click on button SELL or BUY. Active order box is green and disabled order box is red. When the price will touch order box the orders will be opened and you will receive alert in MT4 and push notification on your mobile MT4 application. Order box will be deleted and orders closed if price will go through the order box. In this case you will also receive alert and MT4 push notification (see picture below).

EA Input parameter settings

On picture below you can see how to access EA Input parameter settings.

Change number of orders

Click on button +1 or -1 to change number of orders in order box. Maximum allowed number of orders in order box are 4. When you change number of orders then lot size is automatically recalculated to defined risk. This tool is also position size calculator mt4.

mt4 lotsize calculator

Change risk percentage

Click on button +0.1% or -0.1% to change risk percentage for order box. When you change risk percentage then lot size is automatically recalculated to new defined risk.

You can also change default risk percentage value for trading order box and you can also change risk percentage interval value which is shown on button itself. This values can be changed in EA input properties as shown below on picture (transparent red rectangle)

mt4 risk calculator forex

Risk and profit calculation

Order box risk and profit calculation is shown on top of the order box. Trader can see size of order box in pips. Total risk and total profit of all orders include commissions and spread. Calculations are done in deposit currency. Money management in trading shouldn’t be problem anymore.

Risk Reward calculation

How to calculate risk reward ratio? Use Trading box Order Management tool where Risk Reward (RR) is calculated for every target. Trader can also see profit in deposit currency and number of pip for each target.

Order box Alert

When you click on button Alert the silver Alert line is drawn on chart. When price touches this horizontal alert line then you will receive alert and MT4 push notification. You can also select this silver horizontal line and move it to the wanted price.

mt4 price alert indicator

Resell and Rebuy

When you click on button Rebuy or Resell the dotted black line is drawn inside order box. By default, it takes order lot size from order box calculation. You can change Resell or Rebuy order size by changing trendline description to wanted order lot size (see picture below). When price will touch this line, order box will be activated and orders will be opened.

Resell and Rebuy is also considered in all calculations. You can see how it adds another Risk Reward calculation line below the target.

Surender trade (Breakeven)

For every trade you need backup plan if this trade doesn’t work out like you imagined. After level is broken by few pip then we usually have a little price correction before price continue with direction. We can increase win rate if we use Surrender functionality. For example (picture below), orders will be opened when price will come to trading order box. Price will continue to go higher, and it will break Surrender line. Take profit from all orders will be moved 3 pip below entry. Instead of losing trade we have a winning trade if a little price correction will happen. Without Surrender line trader can hope too much.

Automatic order box activation

ON and OFF lines

When you click on button ON & OFF then sell ON and sell OFF lines are created. For buy order box, buy ON and BUY off lines will be created. When price touch sell ON line, the order box will be activated. When price will touch sell OFF line, then order box will be deactivated. This function help us catch a trade after price action.

Reversal BO (breakout)

Button "Reversal BO" (BreakOut) that enables you catch a reveresal trade in the Order box zone. When Reversal BO line is hit thne Order box will change to breakout mode.
Please watch video that demonstrate how to use it live while trading.

Ensure fresh orders (Delete)

Now let’s see how we can combine two functions (ON & OFF and Delete/Fresh). To ensure that the price first need to break sell ON line and then go back to open orders in order box, we will introduce Delete line. If price touches Delete line, then order box will be removed from chart, because we don’t have price action to enter in this level. If price will go down and touch sell ON line first, then Delete line will be removed from chart and when the price will come to order box, the orders will be opened.

fresh supply demand zone

Above and Below alert lines

Above or Below button will create alert line. You can change the name of horizontal line. When price will touch above or below line, you will receive alert in MT4 and mobile MT4 push notification. You can select above or below horizontal line and move it to price where you want to be notified. This lines can be used without order box.

Show or hide elements on chart

Trader can click on element text to show or hide element on char. This is useful when we want to have clean chart to make a right trading decision and do some technical analysis.

mt4 advanced trading toolsImage
mt4 advanced order managementImage

Action history

When action will be triggered then EA will create history tag on chart. Trader can see what happened when he was not present. On picture below, we can see history tag from broken order box for sell position (sellbox rectangle). Clean button will remove all history tags and trading history from the chart.

Spread filter

Spread filter panel is shown when you click on button S.F.. Spread filter can be enabled or disabled with EA input property spread_filter_on_off (true = enabled, false = disabled ). If current spread is below spread filter setting, then S.F. button is green, otherwise is red. Orders in trading order box can be opened only if this button is green. Spread filter can save trader before some big news spikes where spread is above normal. We recommend using broker with real variable spread from market. This enables traders to open position with 0.0 pip spread.

Time intervals (Time and News filter)

Time interval function can be used to disable order box for order execution between two times. When price will come to news or overnight rectangle then Time button will become red and orders cannot be opened. This setting is global and applies to all opened charts where you have placed trading order box. If you are a day trader, then you can use overnight time interval to prevent order execution when you are sleeping. News interval can be used to prevent order execution during big news or lunch time.

Supply and Demand candle detection

Candle detection will find supply or demand candles with origin (candle open price) inside trading order box. You have option to detect M1, M5 and M15 candles with origin inside order box. After candle is detected you will get alert and MT4 push notification with candle body size information. This can be useful to take a profit or to trade correction in the candle origin zone where are still some fresh orders left. In EA input properties you can define the minimum pip value for candle detection. Current TF candle option will detect any candle on the chart on the current time frame.

Head and Shoulders pattern detection

Order management tool can search for uncompleted Head and Shoulders pattern inside order box on different timeframes. You can decide on which timeframe you would like to detect this pattern. You will receive alert and red rectangle will be drawn when uncompleted Head and Shoulders pattern will be detected. It is up to trader to check if this red rectangle (price zone) have any fresh orders left. This detection is only some kind of reminder of event that can still have fresh orders in the zone. If trader find this red zone useful, then we advise to select red rectangle and click on button BBox. New order box will replace red rectangle where you can put price alert to watch price approach toward your order box. In this case price reacted from this zone as we expected, but this is not always the case. Head and Shoulders pattern detection is only trader help tool. You need to read the market intention and predict future price movement by yourself. We suggest supply and demand trading strategy with price action approach.

You also have option to configure uncompleted Head and Shoulders detection EA input properties by your needs. Input parameters starts with HS_ and they are marked with red rectangle. You can also see EA input properties explanation on drawing.

Liquidity detection

When we want to trade a certain price level (zone), we need to have liquidity in the market to have good order price execution. If price is going straight to our level, then this is not good price approach toward our level where we want to trade. We developed liquidity detection function, to search for liquidity instead of trader himself. You need to predict where liquidity will be created and move silver rectangle to this price level zone. You also need to define how much big retrace from silver rectangle you want. This is defined with LQ rectangle horizontal line. You can move this horizontal line. When price will come to silver rectangle and go back to LQ retrace line, then you will receive alert and MT4 push notification. Detected extreme will be marked with light green trendline. At the end its always up to a trader to read the market properly and predict future price movement.

forex liquidity detection in marketImage
stoploss liquidity forex trading

EA input variables - Customization

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