Order box DashboardView all order boxes in the sorted list.

Extension for Order management

Display sorted Order box list from Order Management tool.


Sorted orders by pips

Dashboard give you option to sort SELL or BUY order boxes by pip distance. If you are trading on multiple charts, then this functionality will save your time and you will no longer need to switch between charts all the time

Pay attention to the closest Order box

Dedicate your time only to order box with the closest price. You will have great overview of all your trading charts in one place

Order box Tasks and Actions

Trader can define Tasks and Actions on chart with Order management tool. This data is then transferred to Dashboard Order box list

How to read Dashboard data

  • Show button = will open symbol chart
  • TF = Time Frame
  • Symbol = chart symbol
  • sellbox / buybox = green color means that order box is activated, red color means that order box is deactivated
  • Pips = pip distance from current price to order box
  • Profit in deposit currency
  • BE - (Stoploss to breakeven) with input variable "Stoploss to breakeven pip - BE button"
  • Tasks = text is transferred from Tasks label
  • Actions/Signals = text is transferred from broken Above and Below alert lines

BUTTON: Close all open button that will close all opened orders (one click close order)
BUTTON: Delete all pending button that will delete all pending orders (one click delete pending)
You can also enable automatic Closing or Deleting orders before Friday market close. Check input variables to set correct time and then click on button ON to activate this function.


Text description from label with name tasks will be transferred into Dashboard column Task

Broken Above and Below horizontal alert lines from Order management tools will be displayed in Dashboard column Action/Signal

DOWNLOAD MT4: Trading box Dashboard for MetaTrader 4
DOWNLOAD MT5: Trading box Dashboard for MetaTrader 5