Multi timeframe trading indicator MT4 MT5 Metatrader

multi timeframe trading

Mt4 mt5 MULTI timeframe indicator

Multi timeframe trading indicator mt4 mt5 gives me ability to draw nested zones on chart. This way color don't overlap each other and I can scale into zone with another supply demand rectangle. When I click function Bands, it will create upper and lower trendline around rectangle. When I change timeframe, I don't see filled rectangle anymore, only upper/lower trendline band. This way, mt4 time frame trading indicator mt5 is easy and charts are more clear if supply demand zones are not overlapping with color rectangles.
On picture below, there is example of this Bands function on live forex chart. (there is download link at the bottom)

multi timeframe indicator

MT4 MT5 Multi timeframe indicator tool

In this video, I show how to use Bands function and time frame buttons that give trader also option to change timeframe with one click. Timeframes are defined for each button and they can be changed via indicator input parameters. Multi timeframe trading become popular when trader have possibility to give more importance to higher time frames that have more price action and more order flow liquidity inside consolidation zones. Next video just show how I use trading box technical analysis indicator.

Indicator for multiple time frame analysis

With this mt5 multi timeframe trading indicator mt4, trader can easily assign time frame visibility to rectangles and trendlines with one click. It is important that we don't see lower time frames rectangles and trendlines on higher timeframes. This way we prevent having cluttered charts where we cant see clear picture for mt4 multiple time frame analysis mt5 in metatrader 4/5.
Best time frame for day trading or intraday trading is for my trading strategy M5, M15, M30, H1 and H4. On minute chart I check for fresh orders and accurate price action EA approach.


Best time frame for scalping forex M1, M5, M15

In second video, best time frame for scalping forex is also explained. I approach this trading strategy with mt4 mt5 chart synchronization indicator or chart sync indicator. It shows, how to use 2 charts with multiple time frame analysis to find the precise trading entry. On the other hand, best time frame for scalping is in my forex trading strategy M1, M5 and M15. When we move rectangle on one chart, it also moves on another.
For example, If we move synced rectangle on higher time frame, then it will also move on lower time frame.

Trading with Multi timeframe indicator mt5 mt5 download

Here are links for Download multi timeframe indicator mt4 and mt5:

I wish you happy trading with Trading box tools.