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Forex scalping strategy

The first thing to say is Igor is very responsive to ideas, Forex scalping strategy so the EA is constantly improving. He uses it to trade his own money, so that means he has some real skin in the game. I found the EA to be well coded, and I have had no crashes like I have with other EAS. I find when trading that there are a lot of good ideas already implemented inside the EA. In other words, when I want to do something with my trade management, the functionality is often already there. The EA has a lot of features, but you do not need to use them all. As your trading style evolves,, you can either use them or exclude them. If you are using mt4/mt5 and are trading SMC order blocks, this is the best tool I have found for the job. Well worth the investment.

Dear Traders, I have been using this order management EA for a little over a month and I have to say that it is not just one of the best, but THE BEST trading assistant that I have used yet. It is packed with so many options that can be used with any trading strategy and financial market. It is both reliable and accurate, which I can attest for both as I have it running on multiple charts day and night. Igor, the author, is first class and a blessing to the trading community. He quickly responds to your inquiries and is polite and professional. I use both Trading Box Technical Analysis and Trading Box Order Management on my charts, which has helped me to be more profitable in the last month, than I have been in the last 3 years. Go ahead and make the purchase, you will not be disappointed!

This is an awesome tool Forex scalping strategy. I have been testing other tools for MT5 but no one beats this one. I saved money on my trading immediately when using this. Also a great support from Igor I had many questions to him. I´m sure you want be disappointed when you see what you can do with this tool. You will save and earn money...... Biggest bang for the buck

How to trade liquidity in forex?

Trader needs to read the market and predict the future price move. While trading EURUSD forex supply demand zone, we need to find fresh orders in the market. We can find fresh orders where price creates fast drop and leave unfilled orders. We can use different strategies to trade forex, but most accurate forex strategy is supply and demand trading with real price action.

In this case we found fresh orders in the EURUSD forex market and we placed Order box to open position and set target. Trading box Order management calculate risk reward ratio for target and calculate profit in pips and deposit currency. It also calculates spread and commission in all displayed costs. Forex scalping EURUSD requires fast risk calculations in mt4 and lot size calculation integration into this tool.

We never trade if risk reward ratio calculation is lower than 1. Professional forex trader always trade if win ratio if above 50% like in this case. How much pip trader make is not important. Only risk reward ratio calculation is important in trading. MT4 alert indicator is integrated into this tool. Lot size calculation is also integrated into Order box. Lot size is calculated from risk percentage in Order box. This is much faster that using standard lot size calculator or default mt4 price alert. Everything is optimized for fast trading decisions and forex scalping supply and demand zones with Order box. Live forex trading is very hard if we don’t have right tools for forex scalping EURUSD. Read the market first and you will be better prepared than any other professional trader in the market. Maybe someone will use flag limit trading or flaglimit trading also. Scalping supply demand forex tool is great.

Risk Disclosure: Before using Trading box Order Management tool on Live account, please test all functionalities on demo first. I am not responsible for any loses that user can create with use of Trading box Order Management tool. For users: I understand that Trading box tools can only help me organize and optimize time while trading. I understand that Trading box tools cannot decide where should I open position, take profit or take loss. I will try Trading box tools on demo account first, where I will learn how to properly use these tools for trading. I understand that all content in this website if only for demonstration purposes how Trading box tools work. I will use any of suggestions from this site by my own risk.

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