How to use MT5 on PC

How to set up metatrader 5 like a PRO

On this site I will show how to use MT5 on PC for advanced trading strategies that allow trader to automate alerts and opening positions. The main point is that trader knows how to set up metatrader 5 like a professional trader.

In first video I show my trading setup and settings for MT5 that allows me to use Trading box tools. I also give great tips and tricks for using metatrader 5 as professional trading platform. The biggest advantage is to add Trading box tools that save me a lot of time behind charts, emotions and automate price action entry in market.

Second video is showing how to place a trade on mt5 with Trading box Order management EA. Main point is to automate price action entry and leave PC/VPS to run 24/7 execution trades in set and forget trading strategy approach.

Finaly, third video goes into deep trading technical analysis with trading box indicator that support supply and demand trading strategy. We can use this tool to place alerts, multiple timeframe analysis and advanced charting tool.


How to use metatrader 5 tutorial

Whatch this video to see How to use metatrader 5 tutorial for supply and demand price action trading strategy.

I collected most important tips and tricks for mt5 in this tutorial to show trading box users how to setup metatrader 5 like I did for my trading setup at home. In this tutorial I also show how to use technical analysis indicator and also Order management EA that works great with standard metatrader 5 trading platform.

How to place a trade on mt5

My main point of all my trading is that I try to automate price action entry with automatic order execution. That gives me more free time and no emotional involvement into professional trading that requires trading discipline.

On picture below, I show example how to place a trade on mt5 for automatic execution. I am using VPS where I have MT5 installed and it is running 24/7. This way I am sure, that positions will open only under my trading conditions with use of smart order types from Trading box Order management EA. This trading setup that I am showing below is using Resell, Surender and Sell 2nd top functions. I also draw price action movement with black arrows. Only if this price action is created, then positions are opened, other wise trade is canceled and no money lost in this case.


How to trade forex using metatrader 5

I put a lot of effort to record this video, where I show my favorite price action indicator smart orders. I also show how to trade forex using metatrader 5 with automated entry and set & forget strategy that is possible with using Order management EA from Trading box.

Anyway, for my trading strategy is important to place smart order into the market and then EA execute trade under my conditions that I set it on the chart.

Metatrader 5 how to use it for technical analysis

In video below, I focus on metatrader 5 how to use it for technical analysis on naked chart. I try to explain my trading approach and also show how mt5 is used for technical analysis. Example is based on forex EURUSD chart that most traders watch and trade.

How to set up mt5 on pc for technical analysis

Best forex technical analysis tool from Trading box is nicely used with mt5 terminal for placing price alerts with one mouse click. Also drawing Supply and demand zones is easy task with this tool that also offers multi timeframe support for mt5 rectangle and trendline objects. Watch this video to see how to set up mt5 on pc or VPS for best technical analysis strategy trading.

Download metatrader 5 indicators and tools

You will find all Trading box tools on trading tools download page. There are free demo versions that work on CHFJPY and AUDCAD on metatrader 5 demo or live account. Best way to test all functions is to open minute chart and see how functions work on live chart. Please study all material here on website to master all functions that Trading box tools offer: Order management EA, Technical analysis indicator, Order box dashboard and technical analysis dashboard.

Here is direct link for Mql5 market where you can download advanced trading tools from Trading box.