How to place a trade on mt4

How do I trade on mt4

In this post I will talk about how to place a trade on mt4 with trading tool that supports advanced order types. The main topic will be how to use mt4 on pc to save time while trading behind charts and be more efficient at work. On picture below I already show how to place trade on mt4 wit Reversal BO smart order type.
With standards classic m4t pending or market orders I cant trade so much efficient as with trading tool EA that gives me a lot of advantage (saves time placing orders, automatic price action execution, risk management, breakeven, virtual SL and many many more). It is all I need for perfect trading and great trading experience that I cant get with any other tool.


In this video below, I recorded my live trade how do I trade on mt4. It was a buy trade on EURUSD and also great winning trade. Watch and enjoy the video how to make money on metatrader 4. It also nicely shows how does auto trading work on mt4.

How to set be in mt4

In this video I show how to set breakeven in mt4 with trading tool. How to use mt4 to set trade breakeven after in profit. With this tool I also lock in profit to secure trade.
How does metatrader 4 work when you want to set be in mt4. I also explain How to set up metatrader 4 to use all advanced trading functions for setting trade to breakeven with one click.

How to trade forex on mt4

With trading box tool I can trade all symbols inside metatrader 4 from the list. I personally like to trade forex on mt4.
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How to place a pending order in mt4

With trading box Order management I can place virtual order or place a pending order in mt4. I prefer using virtual market order, because I can place or remove it even if market is closed. Anyway, with this tool placing pending order in mt4 is easy work because lot size is automatically calculated and assigned to pending order in metatrader 4. How to place pending order in mt4 is easier with trading tool.

Mt4 trading tools download

Trader can first use free demo trading box order management with demo broker account to test it out on CHFJPY and AUDCAD here.

Download: Trading tool for MT4
Download: Trading tool for MT5