Forex trading technical analysis indicator MT4 MT5

Forex technical indicator

Trading technical indicators MT4 MT5

In this post I will talk about forex trading technical indicator or Trading technical indicators for MT4 and MT5. On images you can see how it works on charts, how to draw rectangle supply and demand zones and trendline support and resistance levels. Placing price alerts is very easy, with one click you can place price alert in Metatrader 4/5. Rectangle zones are extended to the right side of the chart that gives trader ability to predict price moves in forex chart. Focus of this Trading technical indicator is to have clean charts with top edge forex technical analysis.
On this picture below, I draw supply and demand levels with different rectangle colors, but support and resistance levels are all same color.

Forex Technical analysis indicator

I recorded 11 parts of YouTube videos where I explain how Trading box Technical analysis indicator works. In first part I show how to download metatrader indicators. In first part I whos hot to download trading technical analysis indicator. Then, I also demonstrate how to use it on chart... anyway, below is Part 1, as introduction. You can comment or ask anything in YouTube video comments.

MT4 MT5 Forex Technical analysis indicator

Here you can find direct links to where you can find Forex Technical analysis indicator. I suggest that you download DEMO free version first and fully test indicator on AUDCAD and CHFJPY. This way you will see, if this tool is for your forex trading strategy.


How to use advanced trading indicator tool in trading supply and demand strategy.

forex technical indicator

How to use technical analysis indicator in forex trading

In second part of this video series, I show how to use mt4/mt5 technical analysis indicator to draw rectangles, trendlines and horizontal lines in MT4 MT5. There is one click option to draw objects with color level buttons. Trader can also display object names and rename it from predefined list. With One button click, user can change name of object.
How to Draw Rectangle Areas in MT4 MT5 with best technical analysis software. mt4 drawing tools MT5 can also be found in best technical analysis tools
Drawing Tools for Chart Drawing in Metatrader and Drawing Tools on Chart with MT4 MT5 drawing toolbox.