Fair value gap indicator MT5 MT4

Trading with Fair Value Gap indicator


Fair value gap indicator can show all fair value gaps on chart with just one click. I use FVG indicator mt5 mt4 from trading box technical analysis indicator to display and scan for all fair value gap zones on chart. I understand FVG zone as price gap where marked didn't pick up all orders and as I see many times, price come back to fill this gaps. When gap is filled, then price usually goes back to origin from where it comes to fill in the price gap. I also found out, that this FVG levels can help me to determine open trade target because price can bounce from anywhere inside price fair value gap zone.

Download fair value gap indicator mt5 mt4: Technical analysis indicator

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MT4 MT5 Fair Value Gap indicator ICT

In both videos above I show how I use Trading Fair Value Gaps with ICT FVG indicator mt5 mt4. The best fair value gap indicator that I use for daily trading and for fvg trading strategy.
Button "Click FVG" enable option to click on candles with fair value gaps and automatically draw extended rectangles with price alert.
I use ICT Fair Value Gaps to define trade targets and also to find zones for trade entry if Fair Value Gap imbalance rectangle zone is aligned with support and resistance lines.

Download indicator: Fair value gap indicator download

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