Best technical indicators for swing trading

best indicators for swing trading

How to use best technical indicators for swing trading

In this post, I write about best technical indicators for swing trading that are part of Trading box tools. I am using Trading box Technical analysis tool to draw supply and demand zones with rectangles. It is simple to extend them (rectangle extender tool) and place different price alerts directly on rectangle. There is option to quickly rename zones from predefined list that user can personalize. Next, trendlines can also be extended to the right edge of chart. It also gives option to place price touch alert, candle close alert and sound repeat alert. For example, on picture below I quickly demonstrate how to use mt4 mt5 supply demand indicators on live chart.

swing trading best indicators

How to draw supply demand level

When drawing supply demand zones and support resistance levels, daytrader usually spent too much time with this task. This is why I enable one click drawing function where day trader can draw zone, place alert and define color with one click. In video below, I show how simple is to use best technical indicators for swing trading. Analyzing technical chart was never so easy like with this charting indicator. I usually place alert on rectangles and trendlines and then wait for price to touch this levels. Next, I receive mobile push notification to my mobile phone. I check charts if price action is created in this level and place additional alerts for trade continuation. I am using VPS where I run this swing trading indicators 24/7 non stop.

Best forex indicators for swing trading

The main goal of day trader is to have fresh levels marked on the chart. But, fresh levels are supply demand zones where price didn't touch it yet. This gives me edge when trading with best forex indicators for swing trading. Example below, I marked consumed and fresh levels and place price alerts on them. That is to say, how I analyze markets on different timeframes and other symbols and try to stay away from the computer. I only look for trades when I receive mobile push notification from metatrader. Then I go and look for possible trade setups that are showing. If there is no price action, I leave computer and do other things. Meanwhile, technical analysis indicator is running and sending price alerts to my mobile phone when zone is touched by bid price.


How to download swing technical indicators?

Above all, before day trader purchase full license for Trading box technical analysis indicator, he have to try/test free demo on AUDCAD and CHFJPY. Read manuals for this tool and study all functions to see if this tool is appropriate day trader trading strategy. Meanwhile, download links can be found on DOWNLOAD link in main menu. Manuals can be found under trading tools and Technical analysis link.

DOWNLOAD: Technical analysis indicator MT4
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