Best indicators for day trading

Chart indicators for day trading

Best indicators for day trading are used to analyze charts and enter position after price action. Trading box is covering indicator for technical analysis and also tool for trading order management. As a result, both tools also have its own dashboard where day trader can have a simple overview of all supply demand zones or virtual orders placed in market. Chart indicators for day trading help daytrader to trade more efficiently and save a lot of time, because most of trading actions are automated within this indicators. In this post, I put more attention to technical analysis tool. For example, you can watch video below, where I analyze EURUSD chart. As result, price alerts are placed on rectangle zones.

Indicators for daytrading forex

Trading and charting indicators need to be easy simple to use but effective to save time and are able to automate almost all tasks. Day trader trading strategy placing supply demand zones and support resistance levels where price can reverse. This is also the zone or level where day trader look for price action to enter the market. On image below I draw one supply level on which I place alert. With Rename button I assign different name to supply rectangle level to receive readable mobile push notification. Above all, split button give me option to create alert trend line inside supply rectangle zone. I also demonstrate how I draw demand level with blue rectangle and place price alert. As a result, when price touch this rectangles then indicators for day trading send out alerts to terminal or mobile.

best indicators for day trading

Best indicators for forex day trading

This indicators allow professional day trader to mark all important trading levels on the chart with one or 2 mouse click. In video below, I show how to rename rectangles or trendlines with one click from list of available names. I also talk about how I mark supply demand levels and support resistance levels. Meanwhile, I draw price action that I am waiting. At last, this price action can be automated with order management tool which is also well described on this website. Predefined list for rename zones is next:

  1. Liquidity
  2. Price gap
  3. BOS
  4. CHoCH
  5. Quasimodo
  6. SR flip
  7. SD flip
  8. Fresh zone
  9. Consumed zone
  10. Engulfed zone

How to use technical indicators

Technical analysis indicator can be fully tested for free on AUDCAD and CHFJYP. Therefore, I can talk whole day about this topic, but at the end the best is that everyone try free demo version first to see if this day trading indicators work with day trader trading strategy. You can find demo version if you go to Download link in main menu. Here are links to full license technical analysis indicators:

DOWNLOAD: MT4 Technical analysis tool
DOWNLOAD: MT5 Technical analysis tool

indicators for day trading