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trading box order management

Order Management MT5/MT4

  • Trade manager EA mt4 mt5

    Calculate correct order lot size based on your risk percentage. Info about gain %, risk %, profit $, stop loss $, TG risk reward ratio ...

  • Safe Trading - set and forget trading

    Your virtual market orders are protected before big news spikes and Monday opening gaps. OCO trading and OTO trading functions available.

  • Price action automation

    Save time placing orders and automate price action trading strategy entry under your conditions. Managing open trade is easy

  • Trade assistant mt4 mt5 - Notifications

    All events (functionalities) are supported with alerts, emails and mobile push notifications

  • Metatrader tools algo

    Set and forget trading: Reversal V entry, Pullback after PA, Breakout, Breakeven, Lock in profit, Liquidity detection and execution, Buy 2nd bottom and Sell 2nd top function, Surrender with little profit

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Advanded Metatrader tools: Order box is rectangle which defines virtual market order with entry and stop loss price. When price touch enabled Order box, then the orders are opened (Bid price order execution). Trader can create or delete Order box when market is opened or closed.
Free extension: Order box Dashboard



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trading box technical analysis

Technical analysis tool MT5/MT4

  • Rectangle and trendline extender

    Support and resistance indicator mt4 mt5 - Extend rectangle and trendline into future (right side edge of the chart) when price draw new candlesticks on the chart

  • Price alert indicator with push notification

    Price alert indicator mt4 mt5 is triggered when price touch extended rectangle or extended horizontal trendline. (engulf, outside candle close, broken level)

  • Risk reward ratio calculation

    Risk reward indicator mt4: Enable Risk Reward (RR) calculation with click on button Buy RR or Sell RR. Horizontal line display Risk Reward ratio and pip distance

  • Multiple timeframes analysis

    Bands button create top and bottom rectangle lines visible on all TF but filled rectangle is visible only on current TF. This help you to see HTF levels on lower timeframes and mark nested zones

  • Chart synchronization mt4 mt5

    "SYNC" button synchronize (copy) objects to all charts with the same symbol. Moving master rectangle move also all slave rectangles

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Quick tip: Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert.
It is by far the BEST tool for Price Action, Supply /Demand, Support/ Resistance.
Sound repeat after Alert, Trendline compression tool, Flat trendline button, Auto scale TF visibility, Trading nested zones...
Free extension: Technical analysis Dashboard</a/>

the best trading tools

price alert mt4 mt5

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Order box Dashboard

Order management extension tool

  • Sorted orders by pip or Symbol

    Sort SELL or BUY order boxes by pip distance. Multiple chart traders, no more switching between charts and searching for trade opportunity

  • Link between tools (charts)

    Show button open chart where Order box is placed. There is also D button to open Dashboard directly from chart where Order box is located

  • Breakeven tool mt4 mt5

    Stop loss to breakeven with input variable "Stoploss to breakeven pip - BE button"

  • Order box Tasks and Actions

    Trader can define Tasks and Actions on chart with Order management. This data is then transferred to Dashboard where you have great overview of all your notes for particular chart

  • Pay attention to the closest order

    Dedicate your time only to order box with the closest price. You have great overview of all your trading charts in one place.

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Order box Dashboard collect and sort all order boxes from Trading box Order management in one view. Most of the time traders watch only this dashboard and they decide which Symbol they need to watch more closely for opening new trades.



Technical analysis Dashboard

Technical analysis extension tool

  • Sorted by pip distance

    No more switching between charts and searching for trades where price is close to rectangle zone or trendline support resistance level.

  • Time saver tool

    If you are trading on multiple charts, then this functionality save your time and you no longer need to switch between charts all the time

  • 3 different objects types

    Sorted list by pip distance for Rectangles, Trendlines and Angled trendlines

  • Symbol Filter

    Enter symbol name to filter charts in list

  • Supply and demand Dashboard tool

    Technical analysis Dashboard is support, resistance, supply and demand monitor for market overview

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Display extended rectangles and trendlines list from Trading box Technical analysis tool. Objects are ordered in the list by pip distance that is difference between object price and Bid price. With this tool you know which chart to look for next trading opportunity.

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How to calculate lot size in forex? Trade assistant mt4 is the best metatrader software.
You can simply use this mt4 mt5 trading tools:
- position size calculator mt4 that is risk percentage calculator
- risk Reward ratio calculation
- risk and profit calculation
- Liquidity trading forex
- mt4 order manager tool
- mt5 trade assistant EA
- money management trading tool
- quasimodo trading rtm ifmyante

Spread indicator mt4 mt5 is very important part of Trade manager EA for MT4 and MT5.
We also use order size calculator mt4 with position manager tool that use lot size calculator mt4 download.