Trading box tools in action

See how Trading box tools for MT4 preforms in real trading enviroment.

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Based on this equation Volatility = High Volume + Low Liquidity, I will be using some of the terms that have the same meaning and used by many traders as follows:
Indecision = Balance = Equilibrium = Stable = Normal = Efficient = Base = Cluster = Block = Range = Consolidation = Flag
Decision = Imbalance = Unstable = Abnormal = Inefficient = Impulse = Momentum = Engulf = Liquidity Gap / Spike = Breakout = Pole
Corrective Moves = Rebalancing
Supply / Demand = RBD / DBR = Cap on Price
Decision Point = RBR / DBD = Spike Base = Flag Limit = Breaker
Pivot Zone = S/R Flip / Swap = Key Level
Level = Zone = Area
Broken = Ignored
Trend Reversal Pattern = Over & Under Pattern = Quasimodo (QM)
False Breakout = Fakeout = Stop Run / Hunt = Bull / Bear Trap
Positioning / Accumulation = Liquidation / Distribution
Compression (CP)
Engulf / Retest (ER) = Fail To Return (FTR) = Hook
First Time Back (FTB)

What is a price level?
A price level on chart could be defined by plotting a horizontal line, but in fact the level is an area or zone and not a specific price value.
What is a key level?
Key level is a level that has a great history acting as support and resistance, in other words “a level of flip between support and resistance”.
Are there any other terms for Key levels?
Yes, it’s also known as Pivot Zone, S/R Flip and Swap Zone.
Are there different types of key levels?
Yes, there is a major key level and a minor key level depending on clarity and efficiency of the level.
How do we locate key levels on chart?
A picture worth a thousand words, the first type of key levels are the major key levels which you can locate easily from the first glimpse at any chart by defining swing highs and swing lows. The following chart shows daily major key levels for the pair EUR/USD, some prefer to set levels at the nearest round number if possible.

Risk Disclosure: I am not trading educator. I only record videos how I look on forex market. You should trade based on your market understanding. I am not responsible for your trading losses. I am Trading box tools developer/author. Before using Trading box Technical analysis tool on Live account, please test all functionalities on demo first. I am not responsible for any loses that user can create with use of Trading box tools. For users: I understand that Trading box tools can only help me organize and optimize time while trading. I understand that Trading box tools cannot decide where should I open position, take profit or take loss. I will try Trading box tools on demo account first, where I will learn how to properly use these tools for trading. I understand that all content in this website if only for demonstration purposes how Trading box tools work. I will use any of suggestions from this site by my own risk.