How to trade Supply and Demand level

When we trade supply and demand levels then we have a lot of time to prepare our strategy to enter the market. The first thing that we need to do is to search for great supply and demand level. This is how we search for the best price. Then trader need to read the market and predict where price will go next. This is how trader defines entry and target for trade. On picture below, we can see how trader will prepare himself for trading in demand level. Place all kind of alerts to not miss the opportunity. We never know when move will happen, this is why placing alerts in market is so important. Try not to miss great opportunity in markets, because if you want to get the best price possible with lowest drawdown and the biggest risk reward possible, then you need to place alerts and take actions like you planned your strategy.

To not miss the trade opportunity, you can place Alert, enable Candle detection, Head and Shoulders detection, Liquidity detection. If price will go down to the best possible price in order box, you can place there Rebuy line to enter at the best price possible.

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