trading order boxAutomatic lot size, calculate RR and place alerts within seconds.

Forget limit orders!

Forget limit orders, they are not efficient for professional trading markets (too much administrative work and wasted time for placing, calculating size and deleting outdated limit orders). If you are taking trading seriously then start thinking to use order management tool. Youtube channel >>

Advanced Order functions (features) Limit order Order box
Execution at Bid price NO YES
Hidden stoploss NO YES
Hidden entry NO YES
Order open Spread filter NO YES
Order open Time filter NO YES
Activate/deactivate orders NO YES
Target Risk Reward calculation NO YES
Lot size calculation by risk percentage NO YES
Total risk of grouped orders NO YES
Total profit of grouped orders NO YES
Breakeven level (Surender) NO YES
Activate/Deactivate orders at certain price NO YES
News spike order protection NO YES
Opening gap order protection NO YES
Ask price SL hount protection NO YES
Price action programing with lines NO YES
Placing orders when market is closed NO YES

With Trading box Order Management tool, you can create order box from rectangle with click on a button. Order box will calculate lot size (position size calculator mt4) for every order, total stop loss in deposit currency, risk in percentage of account balance, total profit from all targets and order box size in pips. Commission and spread are included in all calculations.

For each target it will calculate risk reward, profit in deposit currency and pip distance. Trader will be notified about all events and alerts on mobile phone via MT4 push notifications and Alerts in MT4.

What is Trading Order box? Order box is rectangle which defines market order with entry and stop loss price. When price come in enabled order box, then the orders are opened.Position size calculator mt4

Risk reward ratio calculation Position lot size calculator

How to calculate risk reward ratio? Use online risk reward calculator or Trading box Order Management tool where Risk Reward (RR) is calculated for every target. Trader can also see profit in deposit currency and number of pip for each target. Position size calculator mt4.

Safe trading with order boxProtect your orders with Spread filter and opening GAP protection.

Traders often lose a lot of money during some big news or Monday opening gaps. Order box prevents opening orders if there is too big spread during the news or if there is Monday opening gap beyond order box. With use of order box trader can avoid trading under unfavorable market conditions where he can easily lose a lot of money. Trader can also create or delete trading order box when market is closed.
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you are in control of order boxStay notifited about all important price events.


Supply and Demand candle detection

Trader can enable searching of big supply and demand candles inside order box. When candle like this will be created, trader will be notified, and he can decide if there are any orders left in the base of the candle.

Head and Shoulders pattern detection

If uncompleted Head and Shoulders pattern will be created inside order box, then trader will receive notification that fresh orders are left inside order box. Potentially fresh orders will be marked with red rectangle.

Liquidity detection

Trader will define price zone above or below order box where he expects that fake support or resistance will be created. When this happens, he will receive alert and notification on mobile phone.

sleep well and stay out of troublesDisable order execution with Time and News filter

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Trading box tools - position size calculator mt4


Order Management

Helps trader to be more efficient with placing orders and defining right targets for a trade. It also protects trader before unfavorable market conditions. It offers a lot of different price notification functions.

Order Dashboard

Trading box Dashboard shows trader all order box from all charts in one view. Trader can sort order box descending by pip until order box entry price. Great market overview in one place.

Rectangle extender

Mark your supply demand zones with extended rectangle and draw support resistance lines with extended trendline. Price alert and Engulf detection with mobile push notifications.

Automate your decisions with function linesAutomaticaly enable trading order box after real Price Action.

A lot of times traders missed to enter the market after a real price action is created because they wait for signal and even then, they can put limit order into the market. They also watch some price level and they start to believe that this level will work no matter what happens on chart. Typical traders cannot change mentality in real time because they also need to watch if price already hit its target (opposite orders are loaded into the market). Order box function lines allows trader to create trade strategy even before real price action in created. Trader now don’t need to change mentality when market moves because they already program order box actions in front.
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Surrender trade or add more to positionSet Breakeven price and add to position at the best price.

A lot of trades don’t go by the trader’s plan, because the levels that we trade can be broken also. This is the time when trader have to surrender trade like this and set it to break even to get out of trade without any costs or little profit. The other thing is that when we have wide zone and we want to open orders at the zone entry and one more time at best possible price in this zone where is the best risk reward for potential trade.
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Read the market and predict the priceWe recommend Supply and Demand trading with Price Action

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